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About the Institute

The Institute for Research in Inclusive Education at the Masaryk University focuses on research of wide variety of aspects of inclusion in education as well as social inclusion. The main research areas are: inclusion in primary and secondary education, social inclusion and participation of persons with SEND, employment of people with SEND.

The Institute also serves as a platform for professional development of Ph.D. students/researchers from the Department of Special Education. The institute offers consultations and organizes seminars and other events focusing on educational research for the Ph.D. students.

Furthermore, the members of the Institute deliver the M.A. study programme Education and Counselling for Adults with SEND. Our aim is to offer a study programme closely linked to practice, therefore, we cooperate with a number of institutions and non-governmental organizations.

The institute currently employs eight researchers that hold advanced degrees. The multidisciplinary team of the institute is composed of professional from the fields of special education, adult education, sociology, psychology and ophthalmology. This gives us the opportunity to look at scientific problems and research from different perspectives. Research methodology is strongly supported by the team members with past experience in social science research. Quantitative research methodology is developed through team members with background in mathematics and continuing methodological education of all team members. The Institute is actively involved in several national and European projects.

The institute has close ties with many non-profit and institutions (Labour Office, etc.) with which the Institute cooperates on research or in the frame of the study programme Education and Counselling for Adults with SEND and thus brings expertise and current trends first hand to the students.

International Cooperation

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Lecturers and researchers

Lenka Gajzlerová, Ph.D. is a senior lecturer. Her field of interest tis the use of ICT for students with SEND. She teaches the courses of Special Education, ICT in Education of Pupils with SEND.

Kateřina Sidiropulu Janků, Ph.D. is ethnographic sociologist and a researcher of the project ISOTIS. She focuses on inter-ethnic relationships and interdisciplinary cooperation. She is also experienced in using PAR methods.

Lucie Jarkovská, Ph.D. is a senior researcher. She focuses on educational inequalities. She specializes in gender, sexuality, and ethnicity in education. She leads courses in Methodology and Sociology.

Jana Obrovská, Ph.D. is a senior researcher. The fields of her professional interests are the sociology of education and culture. She deals with minority/inclusive education and the role of social disadvantage in the educational process. She focuses on qualitative research, especially on school ethnography.

Ass. Prof. Karel Pančocha is a senior researcher focusing on social inclusion and participation of people with disabilities. He teaches the following courses: Research Methods in Special Education, Adults with SEND, Statistics

Lucie Procházková, Ph.D. is a senior lecturer with main research focus on employment of people with SEND. She leads the following courses: Adults with SEND, Intervention for Adults with SEND.

Pavel Sochor, Ph.D. is adjunct lecturer and researcher at IRIE. He teaches Art Education for People with SEND. He runs the Open Art Studio (visual art studio for people with severe disabilities).

Lenka Slepičková, Ph.D. is a senior researcher. She brings sociological perspective to educational research by analysing attitudes of various participants in inclusive education. Furthermore, she leads research involving children. She leads courses of Methodology and Sociology.

Helena Vaďurová, Ph.D. is a senior lecturer whose research focuses on inclusive principles at all levels of education, inclusive teaching methods and quality of life of people with SEND. She teaches the following courses: Research in Special Education, Adults with SEND, Special and Inclusive Education

Martin Vrubel, Ph.D. is a senior lecturer. He specializes in visual impairment and environmental barriers. He teaches courses of Visual Impairment and Ophthalmology.

Non-academic Staff

Mgr. Klára Dobrovolná, DiS. (office assistant)

Contact us

Head of the Intitute

doc. PhDr. Karel Pančocha, Ph.D.
Tel.: +420 549 49 5099

Office Assistant

Mgr. Klára Dobrovolná, Dis.
Tel.: +420 549 49 7271



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